Why We’re Different

Our services are shaped by our values, and we rely on open, strong and honest relationships with our clients and candidates to deliver them through the whole recruitment process. We believe this is not only right but that it also creates both better and uplifting results for everyone, whilst nurturing great reputations and relationships!

We create tailored, refreshing recruitment experiences; drawing on tools, skills and principles from marketing, psychometrics and software development. We reach, engage, and qualify talent that you’d love to work with and who’d love to work with you! We use our hearts and our creative minds to solve the recruitment challenges you’re facing.

Our Values

Our services are shaped by our values.

Honesty And Communication

We create an ethical space for alignment and win-wins


We believe anything is possible and reach for the stars.


We make recruitment a fun and uplifting process!

Our Services

Recruitment Services

Struggling to find a great fit these days? We can help! Just say the word…


Need advice and insights for your recruitment strategy, culture and getting the best from your team? Talk to us!


We can build cost-friendly, bespoke job sites, tools and apps to deliver truly bespoke recruitment experiences for your candidates.

Job-Seekers: let us help you! 🚀

Graduating or looking for work? We’d be delighted to help. We have a candidate-focused approach (as it all starts and ends with you), and can help you with the following:

  • CV reviews
  • LinkedIn profile reviews
  • Software development portfolio reviews
  • Technical mock interviews for software students and grads
  • Interview skills sessions
  • Personality assessments

You can choose any of these two services for free, and if you’d like more, we offer discounted-rates for these that you won’t find elsewhere. We take pride in having your back!

Our Team

Bringing together a diverse skill set with a deep enthusiasm and passion for helping others, Kyle and Simon created Yes! to help elevate what is possible in the recruitment space and to creatively solve the sector’s challenges in innovative ways.


When he’s not working and nerding out about psychology and personal development, Kyle can be found on the beach, living his best life 😎 Kyle created the business’s psychometric model, which can be used to predict both interpersonal and role-compatibility, which helps to ensure a loovely fit between the applicant, role, and culture. He loves dancing (dad-ly), people, writing, analysing his weird dreams, and is surprisingly good at football.


Simon is passionate about solving problems as well as upping his gains 💪 When he’s not losing his sense of time at the desk, he can be found advancing the values of freedom, trust and transparency 💜 Simon provides software development expertise to our service, and prides himself on his pristinely clean coding skills. 🖥️ ✨


Struggling to find the right person? The right role?

Give us a shout! 📣 Reach out to kyle@yesrecruitment.co.uk